Amy's Paradise

This blog may be the ramblings of an Irish Dancer in Australia who writes stories too…

Irish Dance

I am a student with the Queensland Irish Association Dancers.

Summary of Dancing Career.

  • Started when I was 7 in 1997.
  • Graded from Beginners (Bun) to Open (Ard) through dancing competitions.
  • Completed Grades 1 to 10 in Dancing exams
    • Results from A+ to B-
  • Participated in several dancing displays including St. Patrick’s Day parade and celebrations since 1998.
  • Assisted my dance teachers over the years until present.
  • Competed in teams at Queensland State Championships and National Championships since 1999.
  • Competed in solo championships at Queensland State Championship and National Championships since 2002.
  • Placed Top 5 at Queensland State Championships.
Now, in 2012, I am retiring from competitions and going for my teacher’s exam which are being held in Brisbane in May.

Here be the journey from student to teacher…

a long, hard studious journey…

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