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on 09/12/2012

Our World, The Menagerie

Visit the only Zoo that is home to two Giant Pandas in the Southern Hemisphere!

Funi and Wang Wang.

Day visited: Saturday 29th September 2012

This special zoo in right in Adelaide CBD, next to the Botanical Gardens and with over 300 species it is definitely worth the trip.

Going solo to the zoo definitely let me do my own thing. Entry was AUD$31.50 for an adult and getting there around 11 AM it wasn’t at all crowded, even for school holidays.

The zoo is open from 9:30AM till 5PM with various exhibits opening at their own times either half an hour after the zoo opens and closing a half hour before they officially close for the day.

I really enjoyed Adelaide zoo, it was because I was lucky enough that the Panda exhibit was going to be open all day. Apparently, most days it wasn’t as my friends…

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