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Visit the only Zoo that is home to two Giant Pandas in the Southern Hemisphere!

Funi and Wang Wang.

Day visited: Saturday 29th September 2012

This special zoo in right in Adelaide CBD, next to the Botanical Gardens and with over 300 species it is definitely worth the trip.

Going solo to the zoo definitely let me do my own thing. Entry was AUD$31.50 for an adult and getting there around 11 AM it wasn’t at all crowded, even for school holidays.

The zoo is open from 9:30AM till 5PM with various exhibits opening at their own times either half an hour after the zoo opens and closing a half hour before they officially close for the day.

I really enjoyed Adelaide zoo, it was because I was lucky enough that the Panda exhibit was going to be open all day. Apparently, most days it wasn’t as my friends…

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Rise of the Guardians (Review)

Do you believe in Jack Frost? You should. All myths and legends of old should be believed in for the survival of children’s innocence, which in today’s world is shrinking. By the man in the moon, Jack Frost is appointed a guardian, and just in time too, as the boogeyman has taken it upon himself to inject fear into children’s nightmares. Along side the Guardian’s Santa, Sandman, Easter Bunny and the tooth Fairy, they battle for the safety of children around the world, but as the light of children’s imagination and dreams dim into darkness, will the guardians rise up against fear?

Rise of the guardians is a compelling good-verse-evil film that works along the scenes of The Nightmare before Christmas, Brave and Coraline where the element of fear through monsters dig deep in all viewers of any age, but it teaches us to overcome our fears. Believe that they are there, but do not succumb to them. If we can believe in ourselves and in basic good, we can fear nothing. The guardians magically protect us from these fears as children so once older and learn the morals of society we can accomplish anything we desire.

The film collects humour for both children and adults with the bubbly tooth fairy, the brusque Russian Santa, the stubby cute mute sandman and the crikey-saying Easter Bunny. We all know the legends, essentially, and the film captures them with new imagination for children. It also introduces an unknown legend of Jack Frost – a lost soul in the legend circle for who is usually shown being quite evil in such films and books like Santa Clause 2, the Graveyard Book and along with the Snow Queen legend, without much history behind his legend at all. I’m glad he’s been made into a hero with a background and I commend the Guardian series creator, William Joyce for his imagination in capturing our wish to believe in these legends again.

The animation is absolutely superb. It keeps getting better and better each time I see a Dreamworks Animation and in 3D (which isn’t at all distracting like it use to be) the characters become almost life like which makes it engaging to watch.
Another magical part of the film was the magic and how they were transferred onscreen, the nightmares, the sandman’s sand and Jack Frost’s power of frost on the windows were perfect and I wished frost moved like it did in real life, in perfect spirals and not crackling.
The cast was basically perfect. I love there being two Australians in the main lead, Hugh Jackman (Easter Bunny) and Isla Fisher (The Tooth Fairy). Also there was Alec Baldwin (Santa), Jude Law (Boogeyman) and Chris Pine as Jack Frost.

Though being Australian, having the Easter Bunny with an Australian accent bothered me. Why? Because I’m a firm believer of the Easter Bilby so it twinged at me while watching the film. But I’m glad that the Easter Bunny didn’t go overboard with the Aussie ocker vernacular like most films do. It’s cringe worthy to Australians and shows us in a poor light (i think) to potential tourists. Luckily, he had only a few crikey’s in there, but I wished it was only one. The word ‘bloody’, he can use till the end of time, but crikey is rarely said here in Australia, except in extreme circumstances, but even then – no. Though it didn’t distract the wonderfulness of the film, in fact some of the Aussie jokes caused me to laugh, even if a bit cliched and forced.

But if dialogue is not your problem this film is a fun adventure showing us the side of the guardians that they need us to believe in them for them to protect our hopes and dreams and this film even makes most adults wish they were children again to believe in the legends of old. I sure do. It’s a entertaining film to take the kids to see over the holidays and, therefore, I cannot wait for the sequel.

9 out of 10.