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I’ve Got Your Number

on 29/01/2012

Ive Got Your NumberIve Got Your Number by Sophie Kinsella

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Awesome book! Not sure about the footnotes they were a bit distracting, but I did see the point of them!

Lets see…

Poppy Wyatt is a physiotherapist who is engaged to vain, gorgeous, self obsessed Magnus Tavish and loses her emerald engagement ring at a function. Frantically looking for it at the hotel her phone is nicked and there she finds in the bin of the lobby but a phone. It’s thrown away so it’s public property now. Poppy always has to have a phone. Who doesn’t? She gives everyone the new number so that if anyone finds her engagement ring can reach her.

From there, someone rings the phone, Sam Roxton, from the company White Globe Consulting Group. He thinks he’s ringing his PA, Violet, but she’s run off to be a supermodel. So he needs Poppy to return the “company” phone, but she can’t, she needs it if anyone finds the ring. So she “shares” the phone with Sam (actually, she takes it hostage) and their situation becomes complicated.

Poppy then has access to his personal life, like any PA, and she starts reading emails, texts, everything, while getting a feel for the guy, as she forwards his new messages to him.

The two then have to work around their ‘awkward’ relationship as Poppy organises her wedding and Sam runs his company.

Then things start to tumble from both perspectives…

I always love Sophie Kinsella’s books… always a fun read and I can’t ever put it down (read this book in one day). I always love the main character… I can relate to her very well.

People always complain about the leading female characters of Chick Lit, like ‘she was so annoying with her whinging and such’ or ‘she’s completely stupid and idiotic, but then next few pages she would be smarter than she should be’, but I think it’s always perspective and if you can relate to the character… Not everyone feels the same way about characters, so some people love these books or don’t… I could understand that some one might find Poppy annoying, but she’s distinctive too… She’s stereotypical but not. Do you get what I mean?

Anyway, the plot was riveting and fast paced, just what I like… Not all this expositional stuff that some people do that isn’t needed and people just skip over (i.e. me), just enough to get you through the story. Sophie Kinsella does this well and I wish I could emulate in my own writing.

One thing that did annoy me with this book was the footnotes. It was distracting having to look down at a footnote and then find where you were on the page when the footnote should just have done well in the actual body of text. But it did make sense to the story once you got to the end. There would be less and less as you moved on throughout the story.

It was your typical Chick Lit book, but well written, which I can’t say for most others where the main character was annoying or just didn’t draw me in, or like others that have way to much exposition when I just wanted to read the story more like a screenplay. That’s how I write…But Sophie Kinsella is leading in her field of Chick Lit and can never wait for the next book to come out!

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